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We have a long history of installing lighting, sound, communications, video monitor and projector systems into theatres, Schools, Colleges, Universities and Churches. Much care is taken to ensure that the systems are as simple as possible to use. Typically we seek to install two stages of lighting control, starting with simple wall mounted button panels that allow instant access to a number of lighting states 24/7 so that the theatrical lighting can be used for school assembly’s, dance classes etc, without having to find that complicated lighting desk, that no-one except for the drama teacher knows how to use...

Then we also provide a plug-in point for that pesky desk, (Now with Cat5E leads, so when you lose the link lead you do not have to wait a week while a new one is sourced that costs a fortune) so that full control for the drama production is available quickly and easily. We always offer a full hands-on training session for as many teachers, facilities managers and classroom assistants as you can rustle up, at a time to suit you, (normally 4.30ish) so that as many staff as possible are trained in how the system works. Then there is an Operations and Maintenance handbook that explains what goes where in words and pictures, in hardcopy and pdf formats.

Sound and video systems are where possible supplied in wheeled flight-cases so they can be easily stored and accessed, and used in multiple locations if required. Playback via multiple sound sources is typically specified, along with wired and radio mics, as and where required.

We also offer full servicing, portable appliance testing and upgrading, along with more training if required.

Lastly is the option to have production support, from simple equipment dry hire through to full rigging and technical operators, if you are planning a really big production. We have supplied and operated multi-channel radio-mic sound systems together with moving light based lighting systems, where often we have program the desks and then taught the pupils how to play-back/operate for the show. If you just feel that that you need an industry level of competence in getting your show safely rigged and de-rigged and working correctly, this maybe an option for you.

We have carried out a truly vast array of such installations over the last couple of decades and can point you at many schools & colleges together with the drama teachers who use our systems every day, so you can find out just how well they work for them.