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Control Systems & Technical Support

We provide control system programming on a wide range of manufactures equipment, plus technical support, fault diagnosis and where possible site repairs on installed systems. If your DMX to Dali interfaces are driving you to distraction, or your DSI & 1-10v LED drivers just will not Dim properly, contact us, we can probably help.

We carry a wide range of hire gear, and can often offer loan equipment if yours has to go away for more major bench repairs.

Over the years we have resolved an extremely diverse range of issues, from sites where we found paperclips in dimmer racks, to cleaners who unplug amp racks at the vital moment, and school children who reprogram lighting desks so well that no teacher could get them back to a working condition. (We particularly liked resolving that one, and might have offered the young person in question a job role if he was not far too young!)

The pictures in this section are all of our Saga Ruby Cruise Liner project, where we designed and commissioned lighting, sound and video systems for the public areas of the ship.

Anytronics & Anylight

We are preferred supplier system specialists for Anytronics dimming and Anylight control systems, stock a wide range of spare parts and complete modules and can carry out system design, installation and commissioning services. We are also happy to provide support to your own electrical installation teams, and carry out onsite training in programming techniques if required.